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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Self harvesting cactus farm

Who doesn't want a self harvesting cactus farm? Cacti is used for two goals, 1. As a trap, 2. As green dye. A self harvesting cactus farm harvests its cacti all on his own, you don't have to do anything except build it!

Step 2
Step 1
Building a cactus farm is very easy, you need 3 different blocks, a cactus, a sand block and a block of your choice ( I used dirt ). Start by making a construction like at step 1. Cactus can not exist when there is a block next to it, so whenever it tries to grow it needs to be cut of by a floating block. Keep building upwards as in step 2. You can build as high as you want, the more constructions as in step 1, the more cacti your farm will produce. You can also build horizontal as shown in step 3. When you are happy with the amount of cacti you can start making water streams at the bottom of your farm. Make sure all the streams end up in one place, this will be the place where you will collect the cactus.

Step 3

When everything is done you will be the owner of a nice self harvesting cactus farm, remember you need to be in range of the cactus else it won't grow and there will be no cactus to collect!

Step 4



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