Welcome to my website dedicated to the game Minecraft. Minecraft... You are all alone, you wake up on an island where no other human beings are present, it is you versus nature, you must survive all by yourself, you must survive all the horrors that come out at night, you are the only one that is able to shape the world around you, you must manipulate your surroundings so that you come out on top of the food-chain.

On this website you can expect minecraft guides, tutorials, news updates, videos and maybe a lets play! I hope you enjoy your time here!

Lets Play's

Watching a Minecraft lets play will guarantee a good laugh! Most of the lets play'ers are very inspiring and their videos can be very helpful!

A few Lets Play'ers ( more to come! )

JX23 ( Always fun, will give you a good laugh! )
Ethoslab ( Very smart use of game mechanics, some stuff will blow your mind! )


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